Anamika Roy


I am Dr. Anamika Roy, I have completed my graduation in Bachelor of Dental Surgery (2012-2017). The reason for choosing Master of Public Health as my post-graduation was my all-time inclination towards community health. I had done a lot of research before choosing this as my career and am willing to work whole heartedly in the field of public health research. Currently I am doing my specialization in Health Policy and want to pursue a career in health policy and system research. I am enthusiastic to intern with FHTS and would love to work with FHTS in future as well.

Highest Education: Bachelor of Dental Surgery - Siksha ‘O’ Anusandhan University

Date of Joining: June 1, 2020

Date Of Completion: June 30, 2020


Being a dentist by profession and having worked previously in both a tertiary and a primary care setting of the health system during my graduate studies and now, pursuing MPH as my masters, with enhanced knowledge of public and global health policies, I have understood well the practical implications of research and evidence and how it could give the much-needed boost to healthcare service. This has motivated me to explore further and strengthen my awareness about the fundamentals of clinical research methods to be able to contribute meaningfully as a healthcare professional. One year from now I would like to see myself engaged in any research project funded by organizations such as the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). I would consider myself a fresher one year from now and would, therefore, like to work on the field as much as possible and contribute to good quality research in the field of public health. As I am pursuing my specialization in the domain of Health Policy, I would aim at working with an established think tank and research organization (NITI AAYOG) by the end of my second professional year. Three years from now I would like to take up my doctoral research/ Ph.D., preferably abroad, in the Netherlands Institute for Health Sciences. I can get a fair scope for both in NIHES. Post Ph.D., I would like to return to my country and serve in the field of education to pass on the skills I learn during my Ph.D. Most importantly, I would like to take my career passionately and contribute as much as possible from my part.

Anamika Roy


  • I could gain a good understanding of the YouTube platform, and could also get well versed with the editing of sound and the mode of recording the video.

  • It helped in enhancing my research skills and also helped me improve my academic writing.

  • I could get a clear picture of the public health system of the countries and how different is it from India. Also, I learned to assess the public health needs of different communities.

  • 1. Effective comparison
    2. How to comprehend data
    3. Interpretation of data
    4. Dissemination of correct data
    5. Better presentation skills

  • Better interpretation and dissemination of data is something I could learn from the internship.

Anamika Roy


INSPIRE Virtual Experiential Learning Program - EVALUATION MATRIX

To gain experience in a virtual internship.
To get better exposure in the field of informatics.
To develop and utilize my interpersonal communication skills.

I strongly recommend INSPIRE program to others.

Experience with INSPIRE Program


The virtual internship program from Foundation of Healthcare Technologies Society, New Delhi is one of the best and enriching online internship opportunity in India. The focus on the internship program was to enhance the public speaking skills, writing skills and provide equitable work distribution among the interns with applicability, accountability and feasibility. Organisation is working on various projects with collaboration with ICMR and have very active and supportive team. Therefore, I got an opportunity to experience working with the COVID-19 dashboard i.e. SMAART Rapid Tracker designed by the FHTS organization itself. Since there were very organizations that were offering virtual internship program, FHTS helped me a lot to gain a totally new experience through virtual internship during this pandemic.