Anusha Angel

B. Sc (Nursing)

I am M Anusha Angel. I’m currently pursuing MPH at Manipal Academy of Higher education.

Highest Education: B. Sc (Nursing) - Dr. N T R University of Health Sciences, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.

Date of Joining: June 1, 2020

Date Of Completion: June 30, 2020


I am Anusha Angel. Currently pursuing MPH (MCH) in Manipal Academy of Higher Education.
I did my bachelors in Nursing (B.SC). During my under graduation, community health and maternal and child health, both were my favourite and interested subjects. I was wishing to do my masters in both subjects, if I do my maters in Nursing, I have to choose any one of those two subjects. Luckily I got through masters of public health in Manipal where I can fulfil my dream studying community health along with maternal and child health as my speciality.
During my field visits in under graduation in both rural and urban communities, I understood that there are still people who are not having awareness regarding the policies and programs that have been running by the government. There are no adequate health workers to communicate and educate to the population. If adequate health workers are there, there is no good monitoring of the health workers activities. Government is providing adequate programs but the people are unable to receive the services due to lack of communication. That made to decide to work as a community program officer in future so that I can plan to improve the mode of communication and make accessible to the services being provided with monitoring system.
Comparing to the institutional health care and community health care, institutional health care is a type of health care where people come in the need of health, whereas according to the community aspect the health workers or the health professionals assess each and every individual irrelevance age and gender factor. This is the reason which gives more satisfaction in order to under public sector, where the health professionals chase after the people’s health to provide a good health in preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative aspects.
I wish to be a successful and hardworking community officer if possible under maternal and child health department to achieve the target objectives and goals. And I’ll make sure to enhance the community to fullest utilization of the community services provided by the government sector. This is how I want to see myself after 3 years as a district community program officer.

Anusha Angel

B. Sc (Nursing)

  • • Adequate lighting
    • Proper position
    • audio quality
    • video quality
    • Face to face interaction
    • Good communication

  • • Critical thinking
    • Scientific writing
    • Evidence based
    • Time management

  • • Analysis of the data
    • Comparison of the data
    • Critical thinking
    • Assessment of the data

  • 1. Analysis of the data
    2. Comparison of the data
    3. Statistical analysis
    4. Critical thinking
    5. Decision making
    6. Contains a lot of information

  • • Useful information
    • Firsthand information
    • research

Anusha Angel

B. Sc (Nursing)

INSPIRE Virtual Experiential Learning Program - EVALUATION MATRIX

To know about the various countries health system

• Time management
• Deadlines
• Assessing the data
• Analysis

I strongly recommend INSPIRE program to others.


This is my first virtual internship experience. I found as a great opportunity to work as a public health intern in Foundation of Healthcare Technologies society. The learning I learnt during this internship period was presentation skills, time management, writing skills, critical appraisal and the importance and need in scientific writing in the field of Public Health. I have also learnt that a good presentation should match with objective and good subject content and outline with effective presentation skills. Searching for the relevant information, validating and analyzing the resources and comparison of information with some of subject areas has progressed my learning in research for good writing skills.