Avani Mekala

M.Sc. Clinical Nutrition and Food Sciences

I Avani Mekala have completed my masters in Clinical nutrition and food science from Amrita institute of medical sciences and bachelors from Applied nutrition and public health from Osmania University. I am looking forward to build a strong career in the research area of nutrition and public health to develop Functional Foods, as I firmly believe that right nutrition can help revive the patients from their ailments supporting the physiological interventions. Prevention is better than cure.

Highest Education: M.Sc. Clinical Nutrition and Food Sciences - Amrita vishwavidyapeetham

Date of Joining: June 1, 2020

Date Of Completion: June 30, 2020


I Avani Mekala have completed my Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition from Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (Kochi), and Bachelors of Science in Applied Nutrition & Public Health from Osmania University. In the next 1 year I see myself pursuing PhD in the field of Public Health Nutrition mostly in tribal areas. Most of the children are malnourished with lack of behavioral, knowledge and basic needs of the food. As right nutrition can help reviving not only the patients but also each and every human being from their ailments supporting the physiological interventions as food is the only fuel to the body. If given right food it’s the best place to live otherwise surviving is difficult. In the present scenario prevention is better than cure. Even in COVID –19 pandemic, people are asking for right nutrition, eating healthy plays a major role. So for a human body giving right food is the proper therapy for preventing any disease and also giving it a good boost of immunity. In the span of 3 years I would like to build my career in such a way that a healthy and nutritious product should be available for all the people at a minimal price so that it can impact the malnourishment existing in the country. So, for building such a career I have already started my journey with doing RD internship which will give me a license for giving specific diets for specific diseases like functional foods or super foods which are playing a major role in today’s diet. Reaching out to people in the rural areas and also creating awareness about diet is also very important as still in villages people believe in taboos which is one of the main reason of malnourishment, so I want to work in that area of public health.

Avani Mekala

M.Sc. Clinical Nutrition and Food Sciences

  • I personally learned to choose solid content of matter and also have understood the basics of the platform.

  • 1. Content writing
    2. Reading and writing habit
    3. Understanding and comprehending things so it can be presented in a skillful manner with no false information mentioned

  • 1. Defining the problem
    2. Understanding the risks
    3. Protection and development factors
    4. Prevention principles and strategies
    5. Test prevention strategies

  • 1. Geospatial spread of COVID-19
    2. Compare and contrast COVID-19 pandemic at different time points and different locations at the same time.
    3. Essential and proportionate app to keep track of the virus.
    4. Updates about the virus
    5. Understanding the trend

  • 1. Analyzing results
    2. Improving programs and summaries
    3. Critical thinking during virtual internship

Avani Mekala

M.Sc. Clinical Nutrition and Food Sciences

INSPIRE Virtual Experiential Learning Program - EVALUATION MATRIX

Gaining essential background knowledge about public health

1. Planning
2. Public speaking in virtual environment
3. Interpersonal skills

I strongly recommend INSPIRE program to others.

Experience with INSPIRE Program


Though practical experience is the best, this quality internship has given me develop essential skills during this pandemic. As a public health intern I have learnt the best about health strategies about different countries though being from a non-public health background and have got an accurate idea about the challenges each country is facing during this pandemic. And FHTS team has been really supportive, friendly so I thank each and every one for giving me this opportunity.