Avinaba Mukherjee

B.Sc. Nursing

I am from West Bengal. I am a Nurse, currently pursuing Masters of Public Health from Manipal University. I completed my B.Sc Nursing from KIIT University.

Highest Education: B.Sc. Nursing - Kalinga Institute of Nursing Sciences

Date of Joining: June 1, 2020

Date Of Completion: June 30, 2020


After 1 year:
As my MPH degree is still on the go, after a year may after completing the course I will search for jobs related to my core stream. I will be very enthusiastic about the new working life. If I get an opportunity I will try to prove my worth and efficiency to my superiors, Buy gifts for the close ones with the newly earned salary, Visit places in vacations, Attending friend’s marriage, Partying hard and REPEAT. This is like a cycle which is being lived by others and even will be followed by me too.
After 3 year:
May be I will be bored of the monotonous job, always keep searching for the new one and find another less satisfying. Henceforth I will quit my job and start a small business. Own some money, link a NGO with it and help the society. I will be doing researches by the own and even try to publish few. Or maybe even leave this stream of public health and join as a primary school teacher because what I believe that each one among the society starts growing and learning from a kid. I wish to inculcate the new way of learning where learning is more important than scoring.

Avinaba Mukherjee

B.Sc. Nursing

  • Framing, Editing, Shooting

  • 1. Brush of academic writing skills
    2. Analysis of the Public Health structure

  • Presentation skills, Speaking skills, Confidence building, Public speaking

  • 1. Application orientation
    2. Country base indices
    3. Various policy changes in different countries related to COVID-19
    4. Proper referencing
    5. Easy to Use user interface

  • 1. Collect data from authentic source
    2. Precise the data in a form to be presented
    3. Store the data and compare with indices required

Avinaba Mukherjee

B.Sc. Nursing

INSPIRE Virtual Experiential Learning Program - EVALUATION MATRIX

1. Learning something new.
2. Furnish the academic writing skills.
3. Finish the internship at due course of time.

I would recommend INSPIRE program to others.


Virtual Internship program from Foundation of health Technology and Society, New Delhi is one of the best and growing organisation in India.
Their main focus on the internship program was to enhance the public speaking skills, writing skills and provide equitable work distribution among the interns with applicability, accountability and feasibility. Organisation is working on various projects with collaboration with ICMR and have very active and supportive team.

Therefore I got the exposure of working with COVID-19 dashboard i.e. SMAART RAPIDTracker designed by the team of FHTS themselves.
Hence this virtual internship program helped me a lot during this pandemic situation and added some extra weightage on my curriculum vitae.