Diksha Thakur


I am Diksha Thakur pursuing Masters in Public Health from Manipal Academy of Higher Education currently I am in my second semester. My graduation is in Dentistry from M.R.A D.A.V Dental college and Hospital, Solan. Being Epidemiology as my specialization I have an interest in the distribution pattern of the disease and working towards controlling them.

An intern in your organization I could get the opportunity to have a hands-on experience in one of your ongoing projects. The acquired skillsets over the duration of my ongoing course like, being an analytical thinker and good in teamwork. I am enthusiastic in working with your organization as an intern.

Highest Education: B.D.S - M.R.A D.A.V Dental college and Hospital

Date of Joining: June 1, 2020

Date Of Completion: June 30, 2020


I am Diksha Thakur. I am a post graduate student currently pursuing Masters in Public Health from Manipal Academy for higher Education with background in Dental surgery and one year of rotatory internship. During under graduation, we had to study the various branches of Dentistry. One of these branches was Public health Dentistry which evoked my interest in investigating public health issues. Choosing MPH as a career will give me an opportunity to work as a Public Health Expert. This degree will offer me the required skill set. I like reading recent articles about innovation in health services around the globe and how these innovations are having a positive impact on the world.
I see myself working as an epidemiologist with organization. Working in field would help me enhance my knowledge and at the same time I would also gain experience in handling on field real time situation. I am really interested in investigation of an outbreak and working in surveillance programmes. Want to be the best public health expert and become financially stable. In this globalized world, what interest me is how connected we are in recent times which had its pros and cons in a way where we humans have created ways for pathogens to enter into human species and impact us in this huge manner with this pandemic. As we live in close proximity with the wildlife and which had made human-animal interactions. Also, may be due to food security issues, people are consuming animal products which are not meant to be consumed, creating paths for the pathogens into human species to address this issue, we need a sustainable intervention which is one health approach which collaborate humans, animals and environment health. As it is a recent approach so there is a lack of evidence-based research. So, would like to do PHD on the same.

Diksha Thakur


  • 1. How to face camera
    2. To deliver information clearly and precisely

  • This was my first time writing public health blog, scientific writing was the acquire skill with the word limit how to give relevant information in concise manner.

  • Was able to do a comparative analysis of public health system of India and Ethiopia

  • 1. Comparative analysis
    2. Trend analysis
    3. Data interpretation
    4. Data analysis
    5. Was able to comprehend graphical representation of data

  • Comprehension of trends analysis and compare rates

Diksha Thakur


INSPIRE Virtual Experiential Learning Program - EVALUATION MATRIX

To use a health technology tool (SMAART RapidTracker) to understand the trend analysis of COVID 19

I would recommend INSPIRE program to others.


The organization is doing amazing work in the field of public health with technology being the centre for every innovative multispectral and evidence-based practices using informatics applications. SMAART rapid tracker is one of the tools that work with regard to COVID19 to analysis the trends along with the policy as well as advisory analysis.