Giti Mollika Phukon

MPH Student

I am Dr. Giti Mollika Phukon, currently pursuing Masters in Public Health from Indian Institute of Public Health, Gandhinagar with a background in dentistry. I have my field experience in rural areas around Gautam Budh Nagar, Greater Noida, UP and in Gandhinagar, Gujarat as well as in the urban areas of Ahmedabad. I have worked in tobacco cessation centers in Greater Noida, UP and in Faridabad Haryana while working as a BDS Tutor.

My interest areas are RCH, Gender and health, Education and Substance abuse. I basically want to work for the adolescent and women in our country. And always keen to learn new things that’s why I am here to learn innovation and solution based research monitoring and solution and to gear up my skills and gain as much as I can.

Highest Education: BDS - School of Dental Sciences, Sharda University, Greater Noida UP

Date of Joining: May 18, 2020

Date Of Completion: June 11, 2020


I see myself working for the public health improvement in the field of reproductive and child health and gender health for the people of our country.

Giti Mollika Phukon

MPH Student

  • Confidence, Public interaction, Ability to interact.

  • Proper knowledge
    Good research on the health topic

  • N/A

  • 1. How to present a power point presentation
    2. How to display a power point in a proper sequence
    3. How to add more specification
    4. How to be more clear about points

  • I did data collection for Occupied Palestinian territory and learned about different sites and how to track down data in a chain.

Giti Mollika Phukon

MPH Student

INSPIRE Virtual Experiential Learning Program - EVALUATION MATRIX

To acquire knowledge and learn as much as possible.

I would recommend INSPIRE program to others.


FHTS has provided me a platform to do a virtual internship during this pandemic situation. I have learned about different health systems operating all over the world, they taught us how to make policy and advisory sheets which will further help me in my future work. I am privileged enough to work under sir and the FHTS family, it was really a great experience for me.