Ridima Kamal


Pursuing Bachelors in Dental Surgery at Seema Dental College & Hospital, Rishikesh.
Freelance writer at Trekkers of India.
Aspire to pursue Masters in Public Health.
Effective at completing assignments within tight deadlines.
Works effectively in both remote or office environments.


Date of Joining: May 18, 2020

Date Of Completion: July 18, 2020


Future beholds what we envisage!
Offerings begin when we become worthy enough to add our own contribution to the world which raised us, empowered us and filled us with strength and integrity.
Born in Patna, Bihar and brought up in almost all the towns of the glorious state, I always had been an inquisitive person, and silently enquired about the well-being of the people. And the destiny didn’t fail me, and I got the golden opportunity to pursue my Bachelors in Dental Surgery at the spiritually awakened city Rishikesh. Initially I was fearful, and I didn’t personally relish the subjects assigned.
Communicating with patients, interacting about their health conditions, mollifying their families, became the part and parcel of my life.
It started spontaneously when my inclination drastically shifted from Essentials of Public Health Dentistry (Community Dentistry) authored by Soben Peter to Park's Textbook of Preventive and Social Medicine written by K Park, in year 2018.
I explored more alternatives and learnt about the course Masters in Public Health.
After a year, I visualize myself in the School of Public Health, trying to expertise my skills, and exploring vivid components out of the prospectus, so that I can envision a brilliant futuristic approach towards my life.
Healing is a gradual process, and public health professionals inculcate a habit in themselves, to serve the community, irrespective of the societal norms and prejudice. And I wish to serve the population, and I am very optimistic about my decision.
In a year, I think, things would change strongly, but my choice would not. I see myself as an adamant Public health professional.
I even have heard about a new course lately, Public health journalism. I would like to give it a try too, so that my interest in writing and Public health can have a perfect equilibrium, both can flourish equally and I can write about certain issues like medical issues, study results, health tips, and more.
Honestly speaking, I am not sure if I will be able to rationalize my vision in next 3 years, or if I can justify it in words now.
My state that I have watched developing during my adolescence, is still lagging behind in the terms of awareness, information, guidance, and most importantly, accurate facts & figures. The incentive behind is to influence everyone to be the change, and bring the change.
I would like to construct a better understanding towards the present scenario, and what the collaboration between public health professionals and the citizens can do.
No person has to be educated, or highly qualified to make the good use out of the common sense.
My aspirations may sound unreasonable and impractical at present, and may seem to be emerging out of the bubble of imaginations, but possibilities arouse when we give it a try.
Every time, I look beyond where I am standing now, I always find my mind pondering over one thought that greater initiatives need to be taken, prepositions are not enough, but preparations and implementations should be done in the right manner.
The conditions have turned out to be upsetting, because our country already has suffered a huge loss during the pandemic, and we are yet to calculate the amount of damage we are going to face when it is over. Thunderstorms hide behind the quiet exteriors, and we, humans, have always been reluctant to be heedful to the warnings of the nature.
The need of the hour is to join hands, come in the front of the battle, and combat the deteriorating situation.
This shall take time, but as an aspiring Public Health professional, I am ready!

Ridima Kamal



Oman Propositions Preparations and Pronouncements

October 5th 2020
The presentation describes the public health system of Oman and covers topics such as Component of health services delivery system,...
Technology Evaluations

SMAART RapidTracker

October 3rd 2020
The presentation describes the goal and work process of this technology of SMAART RapidTracker and how to help this technology...

Ridima Kamal


  • I have now skilled in the video as well as the audio presence in the YouTube videos and have tried to be as confident and audacious as I can be.

  • I have developed a keen attentiveness in fact-finding, analysis and research about health-related topics. It is intriguing.

  • I went through several websites to gather more information, inquiries, and studies about different countries. It was quite a captivating task to compare the health systems of the nations worldwide.

  • 1. To learn about the functioning of the SMAART RAPID TRACKER.
    2. To attain knowledge about COVID 19 cases of all the countries at one click.
    3. Policies and guidelines are beneficent and helpful
    4. It is unchallenging to know about COVID 19 outbreak and policy actions globally.
    5. SMAART RAPID Tracker is readable to all.

  • Being a student who is not aware of Public health field, it was sincerely astounding to learn more about data collection and how we can arrange them and organize them.

Ridima Kamal


INSPIRE Virtual Experiential Learning Program - EVALUATION MATRIX

At the time of Internship, I was mapping my pathway to be an active participant in Public health field. I attained skills like confidence, research skills, communication methods and versatility.

I strongly recommend INSPIRE program to others.

Experience with INSPIRE Program


My experience as an INSPIRE Intern at Foundation of Healthcare Technologies Society is immensely informative and rewarding.
I learnt methods of research and developed a quality of accumulating data from relevant sources. Public health field is an amalgamation of knowledge, innovations, progression and awareness. And I have received an idea of how it should be functioning in an appropriate manner. Working under Dr. Ashish Joshi sir has been one of the most uplifting part of my virtual internship. Data analysis and healthcare promotion along with theory and practice made the internship a better place to learn.
I would recommend all the public health professionals to be a part of FHTS where learning is through your incentives and ideas.