Rini Abraham

MSc Biotechnology

I am Rini Abraham, a trained Bio-technologist with 2 years’ industrial experience in the production of therapeutic antibodies. Having worked in the lab, and having gained some knowledge with respect to certain diseases, I wanted to explore this further and put into use the acquired knowledge into field and that is when I joined the Masters of Public Health Course.

As an MPH student, my interests lie in addressing the issues of Non-communicable diseases in India with a focus on identifying the major contributors of the same and how as a professional in near future I can contribute in reducing the case fatality due to these diseases.

Highest Education: MSc Biotechnology - VIT University

Date of Joining: June 1, 2020

Date Of Completion: June 30, 2020


As a second semester student of Masters of Public health, in one-year period as I finish my course, I see myself well versed with the concepts of Public Health. This not just involves theoretical knowledge but also practical applications of all my learning from the University. My specialization during the course is Epidemiology and in one-year time frame as I graduate, I see myself applying all the tools and techniques learned during the course on field. I aim to become a dedicated Epidemiologist, who’ll be able to comprehend the given tasks and responsibilities and be able to provide meaningful insights during the course of its completion.
As a long-term goal, I see myself as a Public Health Professional with a career in community participation and engagement and be a part of Public or Private agencies. I see myself as an effective team player, participating, collaborating, planning and implementing various health programs involving stakeholders from various walks of life. My key interests lie in assessing the social determinants of Non-Communicable Diseases in particular, and to be able to address the risk factors and come up with innovative ideas and technology for early detection of the same. Even though my specialization is Epidemiology, in future I would also want to practice Public health policy that will include resource allocation and political visions. As a public health professional, I also would focus on existing health inequalities especially aimed at empowering those belonging to the weak or disadvantaged groups.

Rini Abraham

MSc Biotechnology

  • While making the video I acquired a myriad of skills be it Digital awareness, content skills and a better understanding of the social media platform.

  • Scientific writing is an important part of Public Health research and understanding. Through this task I was able to improve my Scientific vocabulary, framing of sentences and concise all the matter into something worth putting down.

  • Because there is a lot of information available on the internet, it is important to comprehend the data and pass on the right information while staying away from mis/dis information and this task helped me with that aspect. Also, it not only helped me learn about the Public Health system of country/state but also their overall health profile.

  • 1. Data Interpretation
    2. Data Dissemination
    3. Presentation skills
    4. Data Analysis
    5. Data sorting

  • I had never used such a platform to compare data between states or countries, thus this platform helped me understand how it is done not just in numbers but by providing comparable rates.
    I was not very well versed with data interpretation techniques before the start of the internship, but in the due course of time, I learnt that as well.

Rini Abraham

MSc Biotechnology

INSPIRE Virtual Experiential Learning Program - EVALUATION MATRIX

My main goal with the internship was to be able to better understand Public health system at the national and global level. Also, I wanted to learn few more aspects of Public health during the internship.

All of the tasks have in some way or the other helped accomplish my goals.

I strongly recommend INSPIRE program to others.


My 1 month stint with Foundation of Healthcare Technologies Society taught me a few things. Firstly, I feel more equipped with the skills of understanding various concepts in Public Health. Secondly, it has provided me with a breadth of exposures to a wide variety of settings and contexts.
I am grateful that I had this Virtual Internship Experience that has given me a chance to educate myself more about the Public Health system, through interaction with my fellow mates and exchange of perspectives. I think this is what made the Internship more interesting.