Saravanavel Kalpana Revathi

B.Tech Biotechnology

Hi, I am S.K.Revathi and I am currently pursuing my MPH(1st year) from Manipal University. I am from Chennai. I am an avid reader, and I am passionate towards Research, as a student with background in Biotechnology I have had experience in Research projects, But I want to increase my knowledge about research in the field of Public Health student.

By pursuing the internship , I hope to further strengthen my knowledge in Public Health.

Highest Education: B.Tech Biotechnology - SRM Institute of Science And Technology

Date of Joining: June 1, 2020

Date Of Completion: June 30, 2020


In one year from now, I see myself as Public Health graduate working towards pursuing PhD in Public Health. I aim to write the UGC-NET exam to gain the stipend for pursuing my PhD. I would also aim towards getting my Masters Dissertation published. I would also want to pursue an in-field Internship at that point of time. I want to hone my skills with respect to biostatistics, learn to use software’s like SPSS, R, SAS. At this time, I would have also found my particular field of interest in public health. I would see myself at least finishing B1 level exams in French if not B2.
In three years from now, I see myself at the end of my PhD or to have finished my PhD, at this point of time I see myself seeking job as a researcher as I am very keen on Research. I will also have improved my skills in Research with respect to my present skills. I would have overcome my difficulty in Academic Writing, and improved in comparison to present. I see myself further developing my skills. At this point of time I expect to have finished C2 level in French and to be able to fluently speak French and take French classes for students as a hobby apart from my job.

Saravanavel Kalpana Revathi

B.Tech Biotechnology

  • I acquired the skills of talking in front of a camera, with clarity.

  • It learned to put together information collected from different sources together in a coherent manner.

  • I learnt to concise my information and be very precise in what I am adding.

  • 1. I found the increase/decrease in % of cases interesting.
    2. Comparison of situation in different states with respect to the data and policy interventions over the time.
    3. To make connection with the increase and decrease in cases due to the policy interventions.
    4. Gave us an idea on what to expect next for the respective states/ countries, by how much the cases will increase or decrease.

  • This internship gave me an interesting insight in data management, its importance that how important it is to come to a proper conclusion.

Saravanavel Kalpana Revathi

B.Tech Biotechnology

INSPIRE Virtual Experiential Learning Program - EVALUATION MATRIX

To learn something outside classroom and to gain practical knowledge.

When I was doing the activity on Public Health System in South Sudan it gave me an insight in how the health systems of poor countries are, how civil war has deeply affected the country’s economy and health care facilities.

I strongly recommend INSPIRE program to others.

Experience with INSPIRE Program


My overall experience with FHTS was pleasant, it was an enriching learning experience. Where I got an in-depth knowledge of public health systems of various countries and how they are tackling with COVID-19. I also learnt about SMART RapidTracker and how to utilize it analyze this ongoing pandemic not in terms of just number, but also with regards to policy interventions. My internship has improved my perspective in Public Health.