Silka Shubhadarshini Biswal

MPH Student

Educational background: A physiotherapist turned public health student MPH, university of Hyderabad BPT, National institute of rehabilitation training and research
Field of interest: Public health informatics, data analysis, management, policy evaluation
Experience so far: Had an opportunity to work with WHO, Hyderabad on monitoring of pulse polio immunization Jan 2020.


Date of Joining: June 17, 2020

Date Of Completion: June 17, 2020


To write about the future expectations from life on career front is a bit tough as per me as it pushes us to re-evaluate our strengths, weaknesses, and limitations but simultaneously it also provides us an opportunity to take some time for self-appraisal for the journey so far and re think our path to future . While some believe on the concept of “Tomorrow is a mystery.” I can categorize myself from the group who stands by motto “Future belongs to those who believes to those who believes in the beauty of their dream.” The path to public health in my life was not an easy one but a definite one. To do something at a level which can make difference to the lives of people led me to finding, exploring and pursuing public health as my career. The best part about this field it allows me to interact with people from different sphere of life each holding their own unique lenses through which each of them sees life a bit differently. As once said by our beloved president late Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam “Life is too short to do all the mistakes by yourself to learn from them, so it’s better to learn from others mistakes as well.” So to listen to the experiences of people who failed and succeeded in their own ways keeps me excited to learn more and more on this field. As we are talking about the future aspirations of a to be public health graduate like many other I would love to learn to refine and carve my experience and expertise to do research flawlessly. Along with it I would like to manage to get into a job where there is scope for career growth and wider exposure for developing and up keeping the health of the community. In one year I expect myself to mange to seek and find a compassionate and visionary positive environment to work in where I can grow as a learner.
In three years I guess I would have fallen in love with my work, provided I can manage to achieve my goals from one year after MPH and get a work environment, if not, I might would be still in the quest for finding one along with a job which opens my way to financial security as there are lot of things on which I would like to take care of for the farmers which takes care of our lands in my native place.
Nature has always been my ultimate love which brings peace to my soul I am trying to get associated environmental activist group in various level local, regional, national and international level and would love to work for them side by side with my career.
Thank you so much for letting me looks into my mind once again.

Silka Shubhadarshini Biswal

MPH Student

  • 1. Preparing for video: Script, Location, Sound, Camera
    2. Post recording: Editing, Merging video

  • 1. Setting points to be addressed through the blog post
    2. Developing content
    3. Quoting sources

  • 1. Finding sources for country other than yours
    2. Judging skill which reference to consider
    3. The functioning of the health system in that country
    4. Putting all information in 10 slides hence made me prioritize the content which i wanted to share with all
    5. Importance of visual learning through more graphs and charts, pictograms

  • 1. Compounding of the information on the sites in such a way that it will reflect your insights on the topic
    2. Sharing all your understanding in your own words
    3. Limiting all information in 10 slides
    4. Keeping the context precise and to the point
    5. Audience engagement

  • 1. Collecting data
    2. Data authenticity
    3. Extensive practice of excel
    4. Multitasking
    5. Para phrasing and contextual writing

Silka Shubhadarshini Biswal

MPH Student

INSPIRE Virtual Experiential Learning Program - EVALUATION MATRIX

To look for my future research interest and develop a new outlook towards public health

Making a video, using technology to reach people, informatics uses extensive research and study.

I strongly recommend INSPIRE program to others.


Virtual internship at FHTS was a wonderful journey. Credit for which definitely goes to the wonderful team and Dr.Ashish Joshi sir for their constant inputs and support. It was truly experiential learning which not only strengthened my existing skill but also helped me push my limits to explore new horizons. Through this internship I managed to get insights of uses of informatics tools in the field of public health and I got an opportunity to look into health system of countries other than India.