Suravi Lodh


Hello, I am Dr. Suravi Lodh. I am a BDS graduate and also a Public Health Professional. I am currently seeking my career in public health research. My interest lies in designing public health interventions that are both sustainable and accessible to people belonging to all sections of the society. I possess the skill of leadership and management.

I also have the ability to contribute both as a team member and individually. Highest Education: MPH, The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom. BDS, Kalinga Institute Of Dental Sciences (KIIT University), India. Fun part: I also indulge myself in kathak dance, singing, cooking and writing


Date of Joining: May 18, 2020

Date Of Completion: July 18, 2020


To make certain career decisions in life we need to work towards it but predicting the future becomes quite a challenging job at times. According to me, if I have to see myself somewhere in the coming years, it will be achieving the right path to excel in the field of public health.
My turning point in career was when I decided to change my stream from clinical dentistry to Public health. During my under graduation, while pursuing Dentistry, I had undertaken a study which was associated with drug abusers in rehabilitation centers in the city of Bhubaneswar in India. To carry out the study, I had to communicate delicately and efficiently with the substance abusers. It was then, when I realized the importance of public health. I began to learn how the health of a community matters rather than just an individual. I had the opportunity to study public health at a different nation where I specifically got to study about the health system of a developed country. As I belong to a developing nation, I could compare the system and understand the strengths and limitations. I have always been a learner; hence, I can mold myself to any task given to me and learn from the process. Public health has become the point of focus in today’s era. The field is not just limited to health but with other associated factors like economy, environment, policy etc. I might not have too many experiences precisely in public health but as I have been in medical field, I have worked under stressful situation and worked for the public in many organizations directly and indirectly. This experiences, however are for less period of time, has provided me with the motivation to work more in the coming years and gain expertise in public health research. My interests have always been in health interventions that are sustainable and accessible to all section of the society. Precisely, I desire to see people and professionals to take mental health seriously and not see it as a taboo. I would want to work with organizations that would like to contribute to addressing mental issues among people of varied age range. The three years that I view ahead of me are full of responsibilities that I am capable enough to take at this moment with better decisiveness. Lastly, I would definitely want to say to myself that I love the work I chose to do.

Suravi Lodh



The Public Health System of Estonia

October 30th 2020
The presentation describes the public health system of Estonia and covers topics such as Component of health services delivery system,...

Suravi Lodh


  • The confidence to talk in front of the camera without hesitation or being nervous.
    To be able to speak eloquently without making any mistakes.
    Learnt to be expressive in front of the camera.
    To be able to speak precisely in a particular given time period.

  • Writing a blog is always interesting and exciting too. I got to learn about another country; its geography and its public health system. I also learnt how creatively we could put together information in a concise manner without missing out relevant information. Also, I had learn about using graphs and images to make the blog more appealing for readers.

  • Learnt about health system about a new country. And the whole process taught me to make the ppt short and effective.

  • 1. Able to assemble information in few slides.
    2. Work in a team.
    3. Time management during presentation.
    4. Extracting and organizing data.
    5. Creating blog post.

  • Since, I was working on the present pandemic, it was very convenient to find all relevant data from the government sites. I have learnt how to create and organize a spreadsheet and keep track of relevant information.

Suravi Lodh


INSPIRE Virtual Experiential Learning Program - EVALUATION MATRIX

Working in a team, understanding public health system at another level, learning how to contribute virtually in the field of public health

Individual assignments, which included data extraction, make spreadsheets, working on the dashboard.

I strongly recommend INSPIRE program to others.


I have recently completed my virtual internship in the Foundation of Healthcare Technologies Society. It was my first ever virtual internship, which proved to be incredibly amazing. I have acquired the skills of data extraction, organization and management. I have had the experience of working under time constraints and how to contribute as a team member and also as an individual. Under the guidance of Dr. Ashish Joshi I have earned the confidence to present In front of people from various backgrounds, though virtually. Working on the dashboard presenting the latest information on COVID-19, it was a new experience. I hope my little contribution to the foundation helps and am thankful to each person who has guided me throughout this journey of two months.