Sushma Pragathi Gallella

BDS, MPH Student

I am sushma pragathi gallella, studying second semester masters of public health in Manipal university of health sciences, I have completed my undergraduate in dentistry. I have applied for FHTS as it was recommended by many of my friends to complete my internship for 1 month, I am very interested in chronic diseases and infectious diseases so I would like to do my internship in any of those available.

Highest Education: BDS - Riims Govt Dental College, Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh

Date of Joining: June 1, 2020

Date Of Completion: June 30, 2020


I am Sushma Pragathi Gallella, currently pursuing Masters of Public Health (MPH) from Manipal University of Health Science (Prasanna School of Public Health) am studying second semester, I have completed my under graduation in Dental from Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Govt Dental College, Andhra Pradesh. I am very glad to join the virtual internship where the information regarding new aspects of public health approach is being discussed, I am excited about the opportunity and immerse myself in learning new skills.
By the end of next year I want to complete my MPH degree and start working with organizations where I can get experience about work and gain more knowledge about what exactly happens on the field and am confident that working in organization gives better idea about area of my interest which eventually helps to set future goals in long term.
As am doing my specialization in epidemiology am very much interested in areas like infectious dieses, outbreaks, effects of chronic diseases which requires through research, I want to develop my skill set. At the end of the next three years, I want to grow more towards research aspects and I want to have better understanding of the procedure involved in those aspects. Plus, I would like to get into PhD as my ideal path would include working abroad, when I heard Ashish josh sir webinar, I really want to know what is population health informatics which I haven’t heard before, am very excited and passionate to know more about this stream of public health.

Sushma Pragathi Gallella

BDS, MPH Student

  • Gained confidence

  • 1. Scientific writing
    2. Searching information

  • 1. Public speaking
    2. Analysis different countries

  • 1. Covid updates
    2. Data analysis
    3. Polices and recommendations
    4. Trends analysis
    5. Comparison of different places

  • 1. Bibliography
    2. Reviewing of source
    3. Presenting skills

Sushma Pragathi Gallella

BDS, MPH Student

INSPIRE Virtual Experiential Learning Program - EVALUATION MATRIX


FHTS is a one of the best organisations in India for virtual internship, I recently completed my internship where I had a chance of analysis the different public health systems across the world where we can see different western countries as well as African countries, and using SMAART RAPIDTRACKER has help a lot in analysis different situation in states in India and recommendations regarding.