What is SMAART RapidTracker?

SMAART RAPID Tracker is a Research enabled Action oriented Policy Interventions driven by Data platform. It is a policy informatics platform aimed to track geospatial spread of COVID-19 outbreak and policy actions globally.

Data insights and critical trends can facilitate design, development and implementation of interventions, programs and policies to address COVID-19 pandemic. Further, this knowledge repository can facilitate collaboration between academicians, researchers, community organizations, policy makers, students, and government agencies to compare and contrast impact of various policy actions globally to respond to COVID-19 pandemic.

Tracking Geospatial spread of COVID-19 using SMAART RapidTracker

Conceptual Framework

SMAART (S-Sustainable, M-Multisector, A-Accessible, A-Affordable, R-Reimbursable, T-Tailored) is a Population Health Informatics (PopHI) framework that was designed using the principles of Data, Information and Knowledge (DIK), Human Centered approach, Information processing theory and humanistic, behavioral and learning theories.


4 key modules constitute RAPID Tracker and includes


This module gathers COVID-19 related data on total and new confirmed cases, recovered cases, and total and new fatality rates across global settings. It describes how the virus’ infection rates, recovery rates, and fatality rates are trending.


Gathers information on guidelines, advisories, and the policy actions taken by various governments at different time points.


Presents data into meaningful information that can help formulate data driven evidence-based interventions, programs, and policies to address the COVID-19 pandemic. Interactive spatiotemporal visualizations will be utilized to present data trends and insights related to COVID-19 on an ongoing basis.


Aims to be a knowledge repository of reliable and evidence-based digital resources, providing information on the COVID-19 pandemic.

UFPE, Brazil

The Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE) is one of the best universities in the country, in teaching and scientific research, being the best in the North-Northeast, according to evaluations by the MEC and MCT.


NHM, Uttarakhand

The National Health Mission (NHM), Government of Uttarakhand, focuses to strengthen primary health care through grass root level public health interventions based on community ownership.


GDMC, Dehradun

The Government Doon Medical College Dehradun (GDMC) provides advanced Graduate and Post Graduate education to the meritorious students of Uttarakhand across multiple fields of medicine.