Aishwarya Rohatgi

MPH Student

I am Dr Aishwarya Rohatgi, graduated as a dentist and currently pursuing MPH from Indian Institute of Public Health, Delhi. I have a keen interest in public health management and developing ideas and innovative solutions for a varied number of public health issues. I wish to gain experience and hone my skill sets with this internship as continuous learning is the key to development of one’s personality.

Highest Education: BDS - Manipal College of dental Sciences

Date of Joining: May 4, 2020

Date Of Completion: June 14, 2020


In the next one year I see myself completing my post graduation equipped with essential and employable skills needed in a public health profession. I hope to discover my interest areas in the wide spectrum of the public health domain which also aligns with the demand in the arena of the profession. I wish to diligently work on a thesis topic for my dissertation submission, brush my data analytics skills and get some on filed exposure so as to understand how actual research and project management are foreseen in the real world. Apart from this, being someone driven by passion for helping people around since childhood and encompassing a desire to bring environment consciousness and sustainable lifestyle a preferred choice I also aim to change and adapt myself and bring awareness about these pertinent issues among others in one year’s time. I already run a page on a social media platform and want to work on it more , start a blog or website and create quality video content around public health issues to usher in a wave of social change by using health communication and media tools in the following years. I hope to get placed in the government sector and work closely with authorities and communities to help contribute in the upliftment of health system, urban health paradigms, and non communicable disease spectrum.

As they say dreams should be limitless, in three years time if the going goes good I see myself pursuing a fellowship or PHD in any of the public health fields which interest me in the coming years. I want to work not only with local people in India but wish to explore how global health systems work and would try to seek opportunities abroad as well. Since I am someone who focuses on solutions and interventions and keeps bubbling with ideas I hope in three years time with great mentorship, guidance and collaboration with the right minds I come up with a social and health entrepreneurship plan that can be implemented and scaled up. On the way in this journey I want to pick up skills of good communication, articulatory writing and expression and participative action oriented leadership.

In the end I believe without constant determination and the drive to improve, cognizance of one’s flaws and keep doing better every time, all effort will go waste. Hence, I wish to evolve perpetually, learn from my mistakes, get up from my failures and make a financially stable, successful and rewarding career for myself in public health without disregarding the fact that I am here not only to do a job as a public health professional but help, guide and make life of others who are vulnerable and in need, better. I hope without being complacent, gradually and eventually I can live the dream if not in whole but in parts and make my family proud of not only my professional achievements but my personal growth along the way. I hope empathy, integrity and humility never leave my side as I walk on this path towards a career in public health.

Aishwarya Rohatgi

MPH Student


The Public Health System of USA

August 4th 2020
The presentation describes the public health system of USA and covers topics such as Component of health services delivery system,...

Introduction: Public Health System in India

August 4th 2020
The presentation Outlines the Public Health System of India and covers topic such as Current Health Scenario of India, The...
Technology Evaluations

SMAART RapidTracker for COVID-19

August 4th 2020
The presentation describes the goal and work process of this technology of SMAART RAPIDTracker and how to help this technology...

Role of Digital Health solutions to address COVID-19

July 12th 2020
Digital health technologies can provide powerful tools for public health officials and the public in the management of the COVID-19...

Aishwarya Rohatgi

MPH Student

  • Communication skills, Technical skills

  • Content writing, Research, Collion of material into restrictedat word limit, Precision

  • Communication skills, Presentation making skills, Time management

  • 1. Data management
    2. Compilation of essential information
    3. Visualization of all the information onto slides
    4. Using POWER POINT efficiently
    5. Having a broad understanding of the dashboard

  • Preliminary excel skills

Aishwarya Rohatgi

MPH Student

INSPIRE Virtual Experiential Learning Program - EVALUATION MATRIX

1. I wanted to learn basics of implementation research and data analysis and understand how informatics drove the tracker and other digital platforms.
2. I wanted to hone practical skills and translate them into scientific research.

The blog writing and presentations helped to an extent.

I would recommend INSPIRE program to others.

Experience with INSPIRE Program


The past month under the INSPIRE internship has been filled with learning and insights into how practical aspects of public health work. I have learnt time management and data management skills, interacted with the best minds, engaged in constructive a discussion which has prepared me for my future endeavor in building a public health career.
I am grateful for this opportunity in times when we lack public health leadership and mentorship, FHTS team has begun a really inspiring program for all public health professional.