Janane S

MPH Student

This is Dr. Janane S, a Master in Public Health Trainee from JIPMER International School of Public Health and a Bachelor of Dental Surgeon graduated from Pondicherry University with an aspiration of serving humanity by spreading health through my public health career.

Highest Education: BDS - Mahe Institute of Dental Sciences and Hospital

Date of Joining: May 18, 2020

Date Of Completion: June 18, 2020


I would have completed my MPH course and would probably found a good job. I will be working in one of my field of interest in my favorite organization. I will continue learning in public health as well as other domains related to the field to increase and to bring up a broad way vision and connect the technologies. I will contribute to improve the quality of life of the population through my public health profession. I will also do research on major public health issues to gain more knowledge.
I will register myself with a Ph.D program in public health, improve my skills, knowledge in public health research and practice public health. I want to get involved in application of health policies and development of a Health Rights Act and the Public Health Act and also in the major works which revolves around Planning, implementation and management of public health program. I will come around with new creative ideologies in the field of public health combining the latest technologies such AI, Machine learning and other information technologies to build as a trend setter for the upcoming health growth and other pandemics to ease and solve all future issues.

Janane S

MPH Student


Public Health system of Haiti

September 19th 2020
The presentation describes the Health care structure of Haiti includes Health care Financing and Health Information system....
Technology Evaluations

SMAART RapidTracker

September 17th 2020
The presentation describes the Features, Component, Digital resources, Uses and SWOT analysis of SMAART RapidTracker....

Janane S

MPH Student

  • 1. Video editing
    2. Social Media Presence
    3. Content Preparation

  • Content writing skills, networking skills, Goal setting and Tracking

  • PPT making, Presentation, Virtual/zoom presentation

  • 1. Presentation
    2. PPT Making
    3. Virtual sharing
    4. Discussion on online platform
    5. Multi-dimensional perspectives

  • Data collection on Policy Advisory related to COVID-19 on various countries

Janane S

MPH Student

INSPIRE Virtual Experiential Learning Program - EVALUATION MATRIX

To learn more about health informatics, job opportunities, how to successfully run an organization like FHTS

I would recommend INSPIRE program to others.


The internship was an interesting journey as it was one of my first experiences of working remotely and professionally in a virtual platform. The experience provided an amazing opportunity to work and observe things from different perspectives. Overall, I find myself satisfied with how my learning curves took place on numerous occasions during the internship. The virtual Internship model offered here is more efficient for getting post-graduate experience and it saves you the time lost in commuting to a traditional internship in a building. I therefore expect the program to continue to provide support for students.