Jyotiraditya Singh

B Pharma

My name is Jyotiraditya Singh. I am from Uttar Pradesh, Deoria district. I have completed my 10th and 12th from Prestige tutorial intermediate college, Deoria. After that, I completed my Bachelor of Pharmacy from Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Science, Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), Manipal, Karnataka.

Later, I worked for pharmaceutical companies like Modi Mundi pharma and Glaxo SmithKline as medical business associate. Currently, I am pursuing Master in public health in speciality maternal and child health from Prasanna School of Public Health, MAHE, Manipal, Karnataka.

Highest Education: Bachelor of Pharmacy - Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Date of Joining: June 1, 2020

Date Of Completion: June 30, 2020


My name is Jyotiraditya Singh. Currently, I am pursuing Master in Public Health from Prasanna School of Public Health, MAHE, Manipal, Karnataka. My specialization in public health is Maternal and child health. I choose this specialization because in my state (UP) Maternal and child health is not optimum. MMR (Maternal mortality rate) and IMR (Infant mortality rate) is immense. Even people are not Educated, they are not aware about what all are the Government scheme regarding maternal and child health, they don’t know how to maintain hygiene, how to take care of her and her child health. After one year, I will complete my master and I am willing to join a good institution (private or govt) who is working to improve the health of mother and child. I want to take more experience about the institutional programme and functioning, how people are working over there, how they are implementing the policy and scheme, how to approach the people in the field because it is a tedious task. The major challenges are behavioural change and people mindset. I want to acquire the knowledge about live scenario. Through this experience, I wish to open an NGO which will work for maternal and child health after three year. I have an urge to avail the people who are unable to reach and access the health facility that is provided by the government. At last I want to conclude that the intensive knowledge of my filed is pivotal and this training will help me to proceed further towards my dream.

Jyotiraditya Singh

B Pharma

  • Confidence

  • 1. Analytical Thinking
    2. Scientific writing
    3. Searching Information

  • 1. Learn about health system in different countries
    2. Knowledge about health system
    3. Different Innovation taken by the country
    4. Policies of the different country

  • 1. COVID-19 Information
    2. Policies and advisories of different countries
    3. Insight of the country
    4. Graphical Presentation
    5. Understand Trend of COVID-19

  • 1. Presenting skill
    2. Review information collected from different sources

Jyotiraditya Singh

B Pharma

INSPIRE Virtual Experiential Learning Program - EVALUATION MATRIX

1. Learn something new
2. Active participation in meeting

I strongly recommend INSPIRE program to others.


I am Jyotiraditya Singh, Batch-3. I recently completed my one-month internship from FHTS under the guidance of Dr Ashish Joshi and his team. It was very nice learning experience in FHTS. They helped us at every step, and I learn many skill that I planned to learn before joining this institution like searching of article and analyzing it, presentation skill, communication, health system and COVID-19 situation of different country.
I improved my confidence in FHTS. What I experienced that FHTS is very good platform to learn new skill.