Rekha M

BSC Nursing

I’m Rekha.M from Bangalore. I have done my graduation in BSC NURSING and currently I’m pursuing master in public health from Padmashree school of public health affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi university of health and science. I have experience in health care sector and as well as nursing tutor. I’m more passionate about learning new things and explore the world.

My area of interest is in population health, policy analysis and public health environment. This is the unique kind of opportunity for young professionals to learn by virtual internship. Hope I’ll gain more knowledge and skills by this experience from FHTS.

Highest Education: BSC Nursing - Rajiv Gandhi University of Health and Science

Date of Joining: June 1, 2020

Date Of Completion: June 30, 2020


As mentioned in the question, I would like to see myself with the designation as “DR” in front of my name and this my goal where I want to reach.
In upcoming one year I would like to see myself working in any reputed public health organization as a public health professional accomplished with good working skills and ethics.
During this internship period, I would like to acquire as much as knowledge, skills and innovative ideas to implement it in future one to three years of my career.
Right now I’m in my 4th semester MPH and this is our internship period to complete our master degree, so after this definitely I would like to work as mentioned above. And I guess fhts is the great platform to learn during my internship period.
In the gap between 1-3 years, I would like to learn scientific writing, review of literature, much more good improvement in communication skill with all kinds of people i.e, from a normal person to a higher authority person. And preparation for my phd studies.
In coming 3 years I would like to see myself as a phd student in any reputed university. And ill start to prepare for this from now onwards.
This student life is a golden life, where we are build and mould. So in this period only we have to set a goal to achieve something in life which gives us a dignified life. So this this 1-3 years ill build myself with good skills and mould myself with good designation.
This struggle of 1-3 years will lead us a great full life for another 30-40years.
That is we have to grind in our 20’s, build in our 30’s and chill in our 40’s.
Thank you fhts team for arising this question which boosted me to be more specific.

Rekha M

BSC Nursing

  • Time limit with limited explanation

  • It was a great opportunity to write a blog post, and this is my first blog post written. i have learnt who to make a huge information into simple and short form.

  • Actually, I was not aware of much public health of African countries, by this internship I came to know about many countries public health system and comparing with other countries

  • 1. Comparing the dash boards with different countries
    2. Easily understandable
    3. More informative
    4. Simple and specific
    5. An innovative idea to explore the pandemic of COVID-19 in one platform.

  • N/A

Rekha M

BSC Nursing

INSPIRE Virtual Experiential Learning Program - EVALUATION MATRIX

At the time of internship, I set a goal to learn and understand the different public health systems as given by the team with clear understanding, and gain a confidence to write a blog post.

Unique way of thinking by each individual regarding the public health system and executing it.

I strongly recommend INSPIRE program to others.


It was great experience to learn from FHTS Team under the guidance of Dr. Ashish Joshi sir. I have learnt many things from this one month internship which includes blog writing, presenting skill with a given specific time, and communication with different back ground people. I have gained more knowledge on different countries public health system which is very important to know in this current scenario.

Thank you team for providing this opportunity.