Mourvi Chugh


I am ‘Mourvi chugh’ a student pursuing Master’s in Public Health from Prasanna School of Public Health, Manipal. I am an enthusiastic learner and loves sharing my knowledge in whatever way I can to support the society. Graduating as a dentist made me believe that there is more to do for our society thus I joined MPH and thought of devoting my time in what I think my future is. I love to learn and also I am an extrovert so interacting with different people is what makes me happy.

Highest Education: Bachelor of Dental Surgery - Mahatma Gandhi College of Medical Sciences

Date of Joining: June 1, 2020

Date Of Completion: June 30, 2020


“Vision is a picture of the future that produces passion”. When I picturise myself after one year of my life, to be true I will be at a very crucial stage of my life where I would have just finished my Master’s degree in Public Health and would be looking into the opportunities that I will pave my path for. This period of my internship with the Foundation of Health and Technology Society (FHTS) is one of the building blocks of my future. The lessons learned in this one month will definitely help me to be confident, self-reliant and boast my courage to work hard in life.
After three crucial years of my life, I want to see myself on the heights of my future, where I never stop learning, but at that point, too, where I am capable of making people learn from me. I want to inspire people like how many people inspire me. I'm never going to regret the fact that I've heard that "I really have to know." I want to be calm, patient, attentive and a good listener.
Lessons once learned should never be forgotten, and the paths to be followed are the most memorable. I want to have a journey in my life worth every penny that my parents have spent on me, so that I can make them happy and even happier of myself. As it made me realize that life doesn't wait for anyone, in this dire situation of COVID-19, it made me realize that no excuse works in life that your most important aspect is working in whatever situation you are. This life experience is sure to help me build a better and brighter future.

Mourvi Chugh


  • Proper mode of picturization and also the technique to make a video was very important.

  • I got to learn a lot of new things about the place about which I was totally unaware. Also writing skills were a crucial part which helped me to improve further as I have learned that professional write ups are different than normal paragraphs written.

  • How to make presentation was itself a big learning
    Comprising the data into 5 slides was a challenge

  • 1. How to use the dashboard
    2. How to see what we meant to see
    3. Cases detected
    4. To read the graphs
    5. To understand the situation by numbers, present on the dashboard

  • Other data collection I was not able to do as I was more inclined towards the Smaart RapidTracker.

Mourvi Chugh


INSPIRE Virtual Experiential Learning Program - EVALUATION MATRIX

I wanted to learn more about how a public health graduate works and what are his/ her responsibilities.

Making presentation and doing research on the same helped me.

I would recommend INSPIRE program to others.


FHTS is one such platform that gave me the opportunity to do a virtual internship during the time of the pandemic (COVID-19). I've learned how to make PPT's, and I've also learned about Smaart RapidTracker, which provides us with the latest information on the cases, fatalities and initiatives underway for COVID-19.

I also learned to prepare presentations and present my work in front of people which helped me to build confidence. This learning experience will serve as a building block in my near future and will certainly help me build up my career as a public health student.