Virtual-Interactive Novel Support Program for Innovation, Research and Entrepreneurship in Public Health

What is v-INSPIRE?

Conceptual Framework



A Virtual Interactive Novel Support Program for Innovation, Research and Entrepreneurship aims to address population health challenges of the 21st century by enhancing academic and non-academic skills of students using an Innovative and participatory experiential learning experience.


  • COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on higher education

  • Experiential learning (EL) programs allow students to gain experience, engage with the community, develop technical and interpersonal skills, and build career readiness and professional networks, all of which have been particularly hard hit

  • With these challenges come unique opportunities to creatively examine alternative ways to meet learning goals

  • Educators need to rethink outreach strategies and consider alternatives to traditional in-person placements

Skills Acquired

  • Mentorship is an integral component of v-INSPIRE

  • Provides students with an opportunity to gain understanding of public health challenges worldwide

  • Acquire interdisciplinary skills, engage in real world technological innovations, and design, develop, implement and evaluate solutions to enhance well-being of individuals, communities and the environment they live in

  • In addition, students gain employable skills such as leadership, effective communication, team-building, project management, budget planning, and manuscript writing


  • Work with individuals of other professions to maintain a climate of mutual respect and shared values.
  • Choose effective communication tools and techniques, including information systems and communication technologies, to facilitate discussions and interactions that enhance team function.
  • Listen actively, and encourage ideas and opinions of other team members.
  • Apply leadership practices that support collaborative practice and team effectiveness.
  • Express one’s knowledge and opinions to team members involved in population health improvement with confidence, clarity, and respect, working to ensure common understanding of information, treatment, care.
  • Communicate information with team members in a form that is understandable, avoiding discipline-specific terminology when possible.

Competencies, Activities and Outcomes

Health technology interventions, innovations and evaluations

Application of Knowledge

Learn to derive meaningful insights

Understanding data


Examine impact of COVID-19 on economy, higher education, employment, food insecurity & poverty

Use of interactive dashboards to enhance risk communication

COVID-19 advisory and policy analysis

Identifying evidence based heath information sources

Understanding Public health systems of countries worldwide




Global Engagement

Applications Received
Aarti Bhadana


I am now doing MPH degree in Shona, Guru ... Details

Abhishesh Lal


Enthusiastic Public Health worker with v ... Details

Abul Faisal

B. Pharm

I'm Abul Faisal.  Currently persuing Ma ... Details

Aditi Singh

B.Sc. Home Science

My name is Aditi Singh. I'm pursuing pos ... Details

Afeera Manzoor


I am Dr Afeera Manzoor. I have done my b ... Details

Aishwarya Rohatgi

MPH Student

I am Dr Aishwarya Rohatgi, graduated as ... Details

Akanksha Rani

B.Sc. (Hons.) Home Science

I, Akanksha Rani, currently pursuing M.S ... Details

Akanksha Solanki

MHA Student

I am Hospital administrator postgraduate ... Details

Akhila L


I am Akhila L, born and brought up in Ke ... Details

Akhilesh Agrawal


I am Akhilesh Agrawal, Assistant Residen ... Details

Akshata Gupta


I am a hardworking, ambitious and motiva ... Details

Akshay B Gajbhiye

Bachelor of Arts

I’m Akshay B Gajbhiye. I did my gradua ... Details

Alam Mozahid


I am Alam Mozahid, Pursuing Masters of P ... Details

Althaf Basha Shaik


I am Dr. Althaf Basha Shaik, Pharmd grad ... Details

Anamika Roy


I am Dr. Anamika Roy, I have completed m ... Details

Anamika Singh Rajput


I'm Anamika Singh Rajput, currently stud ... Details

Anamila Shaikh

MHA Student

My name is Dr. Anamila Shaikh. I have do ... Details

Angel Singh


Myself dr.Angel singh. I had completed m ... Details

Aniruddha De


I, Aniruddha De worked as an engineer fo ... Details

Anisha Rai

B.Sc. Nursing

Hi! I am Anisha Rai. I have completed my ... Details

Anjali Masih

MPH Student

I have graduated as a Dentist and now cu ... Details

Anjali Tiwari


I am Anjali Tiwari. I am in 2nd year of ... Details

Ankita Dahiwade

MPH Advanced

A public health graduate with medical ba ... Details

Antara Sharma


I, Dr Antara Sharma, am a registered den ... Details

Anu Shrivastava

B.Sc. (Hons.) Home Science

I’m Anu Shrivastava, currently pursuin ... Details

Anusha Angel

B. Sc (Nursing)

I am M Anusha Angel. I'm currently pursu ... Details

Anusha Mogalipuri

MPH Student

I am Dr. Anusha. I completed my Bachelor ... Details

Aparna Suresh


I am a dental surgeon, graduated from Am ... Details

Arpana Sharma

B.Sc. Zoology

I am Arpana Sharma currently pursuing ma ... Details

Arulprakash Sivanandan

B.Sc. Medical Laboratory Technology

I am Arulprakash Sivanandan, pursued Mas ... Details

Ashish Verma

Bachelor’s in Pharmacy

I am Ashish Verma currently pursuing MPH ... Details

Ashruti Bhatt

Research Associate

Ashruti Bhatt is the Public Health Resea ... Details

Astha Yadav

Bachelor’s in Pharmacy

I'm Astha Yadav, I have joined FHTS inte ... Details

Avani Mekala

M.Sc. Clinical Nutrition and Food Sciences

I Avani Mekala have completed my masters ... Details

Avantika Pandey

BSc (Bio and Chem)

I am Avantika Pandey, currently pursuing ... Details

Avinaba Mukherjee

B.Sc. Nursing

I am from West Bengal. I am a Nurse, cur ... Details

Ayushi Dhasmana

Bsc. home science

I am Ayushi Dhasmana, and I have complet ... Details

Bhagyashree Dutta

BPT, MPH Student

My name is Bhagyashree Dutta, 25 years o ... Details

Chandana Madupu


I am Dr. Chandana Madupu. I have graduat ... Details

Chandrima Chatterjee


I am Chandrima Chatterjee, currently in ... Details

Damini Beniwal


I’ve done my bachelors from Sgt medica ... Details

Deeksha Khanna


I am Doctor with an clinical experience ... Details

Deeksha Shetty

Bachelor in Naturopathy & Yogic Science

Myself Deeksha Shetty from Manipal, Karn ... Details

Deepthy Benoy


Master's in Public Health with one-year ... Details

Derangula Lokesh

MPH Student

I am Derangula Lokesh currently pursuing ... Details

Devika Mukesh

MSc. Food Science and Nutrition

I am writing this profile brief in order ... Details

Dhruvi Bagaria

MPH Student

I am a MPH student from Indian institute ... Details

Diksha Thakur


I am Diksha Thakur pursuing Masters in P ... Details

Divleen Kaur

B.Sc. (Hons.) Nutrition and Dietetics

I am Divleen kaur, Currently pursuing MS ... Details

Divya Panwar


I am Divya Panwar, currently pursuing Ma ... Details

Dolly Kohli

B.Sc. (Hons.) Home Science

I am graduated in B.Sc home science (die ... Details

Elvis Khamchunlung Gondaimei


I’m Elvis Khamchunlung Gondaimei, curr ... Details

Febeena Hussain


Myself DR. Febeena Hussain, 33 years is ... Details

Garima Gautam


A self-driven individual with 3+ years o ... Details

Garima Lohra


I am Garima Lohra. I am from the Public ... Details

Gaurav Kotnala


I am Dr. Gaurav kotnala, professionally ... Details

Giti Mollika Phukon

MPH Student

I am Dr. Giti Mollika Phukon, currently ... Details

Gurpreet Singh

Medical Laboratory Technology

I have done my graduation in medical lab ... Details

Gurram Akhil

BSc Physician assistant

My name is Gurram Akhil. I am currently ... Details

Hansika Parwani


A bachelors in dental surgery from Jabal ... Details

Harpreet Kaur

Public Health Researcher

Dr. Harpreet Kaur is a PhD in Demography ... Details

Himany Hoondlani


I am Dr. Himany Hoondlani, I have comple ... Details

Hunny Kumar

Bachelors of Optometry

My name is Hunny Kumar and currently I ... Details

Ifra Yusuf

B.Sc. (Hons.) Home Science

I’m Ifra Yusuf, currently pursuing Mas ... Details

Janane S

MPH Student

This is Dr. Janane S, a Master in Public ... Details

Jaydeep Purohit

MPH Student

I am Dr. Jaydeep Purohit, currently purs ... Details

Jenisa Ramprasad

B.Tech Student

I am a third-year student pursuing bache ... Details

Jyoti Kumari

B.Sc. (Hons.) Home Science

I am Jyoti, I Have done my graduation in ... Details

Jyotiraditya Singh

B Pharma

My name is Jyotiraditya Singh. I am from ... Details

Kanchan Singh


I am Dr Kanchan Singh, currently pursuin ... Details

Katipaka Sathyanarayana

B.Sc. Nursing

To work in a challenging environment dem ... Details

Khushboo Das


I am Dr. Khushboo Das, professionally I ... Details

Khushi Gupta

B.Sc. (Hons.) Food Technology

Being an extrovert, I enjoy working in a ... Details

Kirti Sharma

B.Sc. (Hons.) Food Technology

I am Kirti Sharma, food technology gradu ... Details

Krati Shrivastava


I am Dr. Krati Shrivastava, graduated as ... Details

Kshitiz Pradeep Gupta


In India population is in abundance, the ... Details

Kusum Lata

Bachelor of Optometry

I am a 2nd year MBA in Health and Hospit ... Details

Madhura Thakur

Master of Science (Home Science) - Food Science and Nutrition

I have completed my Masters in Food Scie ... Details

Manisha Kalla

MPH Student

I am currently pursuing my Masters in Pu ... Details

Manisha Nigade


I myself is a Homeopathic doctor and i h ... Details

Mawrah Arshad


My name is Mawrah Arshad, pursuing M. Ph ... Details

Medha Kapoor


I’m an intern pursuing internship at B ... Details

Mehak Jolly


I am Dr. Mehak Jolly presently pursuing ... Details

Mohammed Baleeqhuddin


Being a Doctor of Pharmacy student. I ha ... Details

Monika Dogra


I am Dr Monika Dogra currently pursuing ... Details

Mourvi Chugh


I am ‘Mourvi chugh’ a student pursui ... Details

Mousumi Baruah

B.A. Hons Economics

I am Mousumi Baruah, 21 years old, haili ... Details

Mrinalini Arora

B.Sc. Home Science

With an aim to serve the society, I had ... Details

Nairita Das


I am basically from West Bengal. I have ... Details

Nandini Krishna

B.Sc. (Hons)

I am a Biomedical Science graduate with ... Details

Neelaksha K.S. Yaduwanshi

Biomedical Engineering

I am Neelaksha Kumar Singh Yaduwanshi a ... Details

Neelam Lokhande


Myself Dr. Neelam nitin lokhande, i am c ... Details

Neha Choudhary


My name is Neha Choudhary. I am a dental ... Details

Neha Pandey


Pursuing MPH from Indian Institute of Pu ... Details

Neha Surela

M.Sc Food and Nutrition

I am Ms. Neha Surela, a Public Health Nu ... Details

Neha Tanwar


I am Neha Tanwar. I have recently comple ... Details

Nicky Patel


I am Dr. Nicky Patel living in Gujarat, ... Details

Nikita Soni

Bachelor in Medical Radio Imaging Technology

I am presently a student at Amity Univer ... Details



I am Dr Nityanand, graduated as a homeop ... Details

Oshina Jain


I am Oshina Jain. I have done graduation ... Details

Pallak Khanna

BTECH Biotechnology

An engineering graduate in Biotechnology ... Details

Paulomee Kashyap


Hi I am Dr Paulomee Kashyap. I am a Dent ... Details

Pooja Murjani

MSc Student

I am Pooja Murjani, about to complete Ma ... Details

Prabhu Dutta Shaw

B.Sc. Cardiac Technology

I, Prabhu Dutta Shaw, completed B.Sc. Ca ... Details

Pragya Mishra


Im Dr. Pragya Mishra graduated as a dent ... Details

Pratik Kumar Bal


I am Dr. Pratik Kumar Bal. I am 25 years ... Details

Pratiksha Kembhavi


I am Dr. Pratiksha Kembhavi, a dentist a ... Details

Preksha Machaiya

BE, Biotechnology

I’m a 4th year BE Biotechnology studen ... Details

Prerna Sharma


My name is Prerna Sharma, currently, I a ... Details

Prikanksha Malik


Qualified professional with more than a ... Details

Priya Gupta


I am a dentist with an experience of 4 y ... Details

Priyanka Panday


I am Priyanka Panday and I am an Ayurved ... Details

Purva Jaiswal

MPH Student

I am Dr. Purva Jaiswal, currently pursui ... Details

Ratinder Kaur


I am graduated in bachelor's in ayurvedi ... Details

Rehan Shahed


I am Rehan Shahed currently in my final ... Details

Rekha M

BSC Nursing

I'm Rekha.M from Bangalore. I have done ... Details

Richard Samuel


Post graduate student in public health, ... Details

Ridima Kamal


Pursuing Bachelors in Dental Surgery at ... Details

Rini Abraham

MSc Biotechnology

I am Rini Abraham, a trained Bio-technol ... Details

Ritika Gupta

MBA Student

My name is Ritika Gupta, i am perusing M ... Details

Ritika Kaur


I completed my Master’s in Public Heal ... Details

Ritu Choubey


I am Dr. Ritu Choubey, a BDS graduate fr ... Details


MPH Student

I'm a young, ebullient, and hard working ... Details

Rohit Raj


My name is Dr. Rohit Raj I am a dentist, ... Details

Rojina Regmi

B.Sc. Nursing

... Details

Ruchi Thakur

MPH Student

I am hard working, ambitious person, cur ... Details

Ruchika Gallani


I have recently completed my B.D.S. from ... Details

Rutuj Narendra Waghmare


I like to render my potential to every s ... Details

Rutuja Gadgil


I am currently in the last semester of m ... Details

Sachi Gupta

Bachelors of Cardiovascular Technology

My name is Sachi Gupta and currently. I ... Details

Samia Amin

PhD, Public Health

Dr. Samia Amin has a background in clini ... Details

Sanaa Bhadwal

MBA Student

Currently pursuing MBA in Hospital and H ... Details

Sananda Mishra

BSc Nursing

Myself Sananda Mishra, domicile in one o ... Details

Sangeetha Vollala


I am Dr. vollala sangeetha, MBBS graduat ... Details

Sanjana Aggarwal

B.Sc. (Hons.) Medical Biotech

I am Sanjana Agarwal let me begin with s ... Details

Sanya Jain

MBA in Health & Hospital Management

I was born and raised in Gurgaon and hav ... Details

Saravanavel Kalpana Revathi

B.Tech Biotechnology

Hi, I am S.K.Revathi and I am currently ... Details

Sayali Khot

Bachelor of Physiotherapy

I am Dr. Sayali Khot, I have done Bachel ... Details

Sayani Das


Sayani Das is presently doing her Ph.D. ... Details

Shailja Sharma

B.Sc. (Hons.) Home Science

I am artistic, ready for new experiences ... Details

Shally Vishnoi

B.Sc. (Hons.) Home Science

I am Shally Vishnoi pursuing Msc. food a ... Details

Shambhavi Singh


I am currently pursuing Masters in Publi ... Details

Sheethal Sasi

Bachelors of Cardiovascular Technology

I am Dr.Sheethal Sasi. I am a B.H.M.S gr ... Details

Shikha Upadhyay


I am a BHMS graduate (Delhi University) ... Details

Shiri Khan


Myself Dr shiri khan. I’m an ayush doc ... Details

Shivangi Das

MPH Student

I completed my graduation in Dental Surg ... Details

Shivani Jadaun

Masters of science in food science and nutrition

My name is shivani Jadaun. I have comple ... Details

Shivani Nagapurkar

BSc. Microbiology

Currently pursuing a Master’s degree i ... Details

Shivani Rawat

Bachelor’s in Horticulture

I am Shivani Rawat. I’m currently purs ... Details

Shobha Joshi

MPH Student

I'm Shobha Joshi doing a master of publi ... Details

Shriyuta Bajpai


I am a dentist with a postgraduate degre ... Details

Shruti Bhamare


I am a Masters in Public Health- Health ... Details

Shweta Jain

M.Sc Anthropology

I am Shweta Jain a hardworking professio ... Details

Shweta Susan Saji


I am Dr.Shweta, a BDS graduate who is ab ... Details

Sidhanta Kumar Pal

B.Sc Nursing

I am Sidhanta Kumar Pal from Cuttack, Od ... Details

Silka Shubhadarshini Biswal

MPH Student

Educational background: A physiotherapis ... Details

Silvy Mathew


I am Dr. Silvy Mathew, with a bachelor ... Details

Sneha Jadi


Hi my name is doctor sneha I am. an Ayur ... Details

Sneha Kumari


"My name is Sneha Kumari and I am from D ... Details

Sreya Abraham

B.Sc. Dialysis Technology

Hi, I am Sreya Abraham, I am currently p ... Details

Srishti Arora
Srishti Arora

Faculty Research Associate

Dr. Srishti Arora has a PhD and Masters ... Details

Stephanie Cecillia Munthe

Master of Communication

Currently I am working as a professional ... Details

Subhashani singh


I am Dr Subhashani Singh, a dentist turn ... Details

Sudhamshi Beeram

B.Sc. Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences

I am an Integrative Physician, currently ... Details

Sujata Manna

BSc. Nursing

I am Sujata Manna, currently pursuing MP ... Details

Sukanya Nachimuthu


I am Dr. Sukanya Nachimuthu from Chennai ... Details

Suma Sheelvantar


My name is Suma Sheelvantar, I am from B ... Details

Suman Pattnaik


I am Suman Pattnaik and I am currently p ... Details

Suravi Lodh


Hello, I am Dr. Suravi Lodh. I am a BDS ... Details

Surbhi Gandotra

MBA Student

A Bachelor’s in Dental Surgery from In ... Details

Sushma Pragathi Gallella

BDS, MPH Student

I am sushma pragathi gallella, studying ... Details

Suvigya Wadhwani


In last year of my 4½ year pursuit of b ... Details

Swagatika Mohapatra


Roots from Odisha with a privilege to ex ... Details

Swati Sapna


I am a Dentist and currently pursuing 1s ... Details

Swati Singh

MBA Student

My name is Dr. Swati Singh. I am a denti ... Details

Syeda Sana Ali

MPH Student

I am in 1st year of Masters in Public He ... Details

Talluri Kusuma

Master in Biotechnology

I'm a Healthcare sector Management Profe ... Details

Tehzeeb Lalani


Tehzeeb is based in Mumbai, India and ha ... Details

Twinkle Sharma


A self motivated and enthusiastic studen ... Details

Udit Narayan Chhetri

MPH Student

I am Dr. Udit Narayan Chhetri, BDS, curr ... Details

Upasna Gaba

B Pharma

I am Upasna Gaba, born and brought up in ... Details

Urvashi Jain


My name is Dr. Urvashi Jain I am student ... Details

Urvashi Priyadarshini


I am a postgraduate student, currently p ... Details

Utkarsha Telang


My name is Utkarsha Telang. I am from In ... Details

Vaishali Malhotra


I am Dr Vaishali Malhotra, graduated as ... Details

Victoria Thomas


I am currently pursuing my Master’s in ... Details



I am currently working as an Assistant P ... Details

Vinita Chugwani


I am Vinita Chugwani, with a bachelor's ... Details

Vinny Dureja


I am Dr. Vinny currently pursuing MBA in ... Details

Virendra Singh Dhurve


I am virendra singh pursuing master in p ... Details

Vishakh Saraf

MPH Student

I am a public health postgraduate studen ... Details

Vishwa Bhayani

MSc Student

A passionate healthcare professional wit ... Details

Yash Prasade


Myself Dr. Yash Prasade, I am medical pr ... Details

Yoshin Sharma


I am Dr. Yoshin Sharma, currently pursui ... Details

Zoha Sultana


Perusing Doctor of Pharmacy has brought ... Details





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